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[Tien Bo Printing Factory] Materializing ideologies

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When the first Western printing house was opened in Vietnam, it also started the extension of national publication through the printed words and promoted the Vietnamese alphabet to outdate Sino-Vietnamese characters. With the rising trend of modern technology, a nationalist Nguyen Van Vinh co-founded Trung Bac tan van, the first daily newspaper and turned it into one of the largest circulation in colonial Vietnam with the intention to educate Vietnamese people. Based on this foundation, the Communist party of Vietnam established the Tien Bo printing factory after buying Trung Bac tan van printing house in 1946. With the mission of printing revolutionary newspapers and government materials, it was given a nickname “the fortress of socialist culture” with the idea that printing and publication are the protection of comunist ideology. Nowadays, Tien Bo company moved all their production to suburban area, Ninh Hiep and the old fortress was demolished and replaced with a new modern futuristic building, Tien Bo plaza.


Name: Trung Bac Tan van Printing house/ Tien Bo Printing Factory/ Tien Bo Printing LTD.

Location:  Hang Gai/  34-36 Phung Hung str/ 175 Nguyen Thai Hoc str, Hanoi.

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