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Ad Hoc Talk 04:

From cottage industrialization to in-situ urbanization

Co-organized by Ha Noi Ad Hoc and UN-Habitat Vietnam; with support from School of Communication & Design - RMIT Vietnam, Architecture Magazine of Vietnam Association of Architects, and Canada Research Chair in Sustainable Urbanization in the Global South.




This is the fourth talk in the ADHOC TALK series of “Hanoi Ad Hoc 1.0: Architecture, Factories and (Re)Tracing the Modern Dream of Recent Past.”
Less than one hour drive away from Hanoi are over 500 specialist craft villages, well known for producing an array of religious products as well as food, industrial goods, and much more. Throughout the formation of the Vietnamese civilization, these traditional craft villages have formed and developed naturally into residential communities. From their intangible role, they have constantly provided tangible objects.

Since Đổi Mới, a thousand clusters of craft villages have modernized and diversified their products around Hanoi, attracting thousands of workers locally and remotely. This cottage industrialization has led to a process of in-situ urbanization in the Red River Delta countryside, which led to a surge in population density, industrial services, trade, and accommodation for migrant workers.

Will the development of these handicraft villages/cooperatives stand separately from industrial factories in the process of industrialization and modernization? How is the individual and collective relationship between the indigenous dwarfs and the giants - industrial factories, and their interactions with the city from the perspective of development researchers?

Hope you will join us in finding the answers from the experiences of Our Keynote Speaker: Professor. Sylvie FANCHETTE and Our Guests: Dr. Le Quynh Chi and Dr. Pham Thai Son in this conversation.

PROF. SYLVIE FANCHETTE - geographer, research director at French Institute of Research for Sustainable Development (IRD); Hanoi Ad Hoc core-team member

DR. LE QUYNH CHI - Deputy Head of Urban Planning Department, HUCE

DR. PHAM THAI SON - Senior Lecturer in Urban Economics at Vietnamese-German University; Sustainable Urban Development (SUD) master study program; Urban development consultant for UN-Habitat Vietnam

Facilitated by Michal Teague, Lecturer in Design Studies at RMIT Hanoi City campus.


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