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STANISLAS TURCON is an architect based in London. Graduated from Ecole Supérieure d'architecture Paris - Val de Seine and the Architectural Association under the tutelage of A-S. Ronnskog and J. Palmesino (Territorial Agency), he has worked extensively in France, Beijing, Bulgaria, Lebanon and the UK.

Stanislas is currently working with Sir David Adjaye at the London office of ADJAYE associates. He has participated in a series of Architectural Association Visiting Schools, among them Shin Egashira's school in Koshirakura and Tokyo (in association with Geidai Tokyo university of the art) and Brendon Carlin's school in Okinawa and Ho Chi Minh City.
Spanning across the realms of film, drawing, photography, music, theater and play, Stanislas’ interdisciplinary work explored the real and the dimensional nature of life.
He is also a co-founder of AAgora, a multi disciplinary discussion platform, dealing with issues facing contemporary architectural practice at the AA.

THOMAS LACOUR-VEYRANNE has worked as a professional architect & urban planner since 2006. He is developing his skills in the design of public spaces.
His recent assignments in the Middle East (Bahrain, UAE, KSA) and Asia (India, Vietnam, Cambodia), have enabled him to take up the challenge of planning and designing sustainable cities in regions with a constrained climate and rapid large-scale growth.
Based on these experiences, he has been able to develop a multidisciplinary and holistic vision of urban scales, from the metropolitan territory to building scale.
Interested in different typologies of architecture, traditional or contemporary, he tries to discern the steps of their creative process, always seeking to gain an insight into the world cultures and populations he is still learning to discover.

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