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Ha Noi Ad Hoc on Mosaic Culture - VTV4

Recently, Ha Noi Ad Hoc had an opportunity to share our project in the News and Culture Mosaic program produced by VTV4 (The international broadcaster of Vietnam Television).



Ha Noi Ad Hoc on VinMagazine

It has been more than a year since we started implementing the project, this is the first time Hanoi Ad Hoc share the motivation and formation process of the project. If you are interested, please take a look at our interview here.



Ad Hoc Talk 04: From cottage industrialization to in-situ urbanization

How is the individual and collective relationship between the indigenous dwarfs and the giants - industrial factories, and their interactions with the city from the perspective of development researchers?

Ad hoc Talk 4.png


Ad Hoc Talk 03: Encounters with Architectural Modernism in Vietnam

Deliberated a discussion on the influence and linkage of large-scale housing development for industrial, social infrastructure design in Vinh, and also the modernist building types found expressed in the buildings constructed by the populace in the South.

Adhoc Talk 03 final poster.jpg
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"Other lives of post-industrial architecture" - Mai Hung Trung

Discuss "Other lives of post-industrial architecture'' - Discussion on Lacaton & Vassal".


Ad Hoc Talk 01: Circulative Mapping

This open course will explore the cartographic possibilities of geographic information systems (GIS) to visualize the flow of material in space across continents. 


Ad Hoc Talk 02: 
Surviving the fantasies of modernization

The role of urban women factory workers in shaping a modernist vision.

A history of this underlying era can form the basis of new questions on how to best navigate the contemporary transition occurring in cities’ socio-cultural, built, and urban architecture.

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