Elise Luong was born in Australia and has been based in Hanoi since 2016. After graduating from a BFA in Photography and Video Arts in Belgium, she worked in a diverse range of Contemporary Art fields, engaging in project management and the curation of wildly unique spaces in Brussels, Berlin, and Montreal, showcasing visual, street art & new media.

In 2012, when based in Brussels, she co-founded the not-for-profit organisation called Undecided Productions widening her scope of curatorial practice to highlight “experience-based” forms such as performance, contemporary dance, live/experimental music & sound installation. Since moving to Vietnam, Undecided Productions has focused on projects that foster cultural exchange in the arts, such as directing the residency program called live.make.share.

She currently works in the fields not only of Contemporary Art but also Architecture and journalism, as a writer, editor, events manager, program curator and communication designer.  As an artist manager she is concerned with the development of production & dissemination opportunities for young creators and for the Hanoi Ad Hoc project she will contribute with a reflection on art as industry and labour as product. 

Francesco is a Hanoi-based architect with focus interests being space, body, and territory. 

Having first arrived in Vietnam in 2004, Francesco is currently a Senior Architect at G8A Architects where he has been employed since 2017. In parallel to his work as a designer, he has contributed and led research teams focusing on public housing problematics in South-East Asia in general, and Hanoi in particular.

Graduate from the Ecole Polytechnique Fédéral de Lausanne (Switzerland, 2016) with the thesis entitled “Red River Delta; A Two Speed Productive Territory”. He studied the mechanisms of industrialisation and urbanisation in the Red River Delta (Vietnam), later developing it into an urban vision for the development of Hanoi and its surrounds.

Francesco nourishes his  professional experience by participating in workshops, residencies, training and MOOCs on topics often related to urban conditions in South-East Asia.

Viet graduated from Politecnico di Milano (Italy, 2017) in Urban Planning and Policy Design. After coming back to Vietnam in 2017, he has been involved in urban planning and design consulting at architectural firms such as AVANT, 1+1>2.

His recent focuses are on urban design, human ecology system in planning and architecture - interconnected spaces in which people are the central nucleus.  

Before completing the Master of Science program in Architecture and Preservation at Politecnico di Milano - Italy, Ngoc has participated in practice and research in Vietnam, Italy and the US. Her architectural practise and research focus on high-density urban design and preservation design towards a sustainable future. She craves to rediscover how humans understand their existence from heritage and deal with the environment we inhabit through built spaces. 

Currently, they are working at National University of Civil Engineering as a lecturer and a specialist; and co-founded the GA6 Workshop with other partners

in 2020