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Cu Gioanh Knitting Workshop: Narrow street, little alley…with a big factory in there.

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Cự Gioanh knitting factory was founded by a Vietnamese entrepreneur Trinh Van Mai (Cự Gioanh), which is an uncommon case in the colonial period. The establishment of the factory is a sequence related to textile from Hà Đông to the Old Quarter. Playing an important part in the development of the knitting industry in Hanoi, its products reflected the process of modernization in the lifestyle and fashion of Vietnamese in the colonial period. The factory then was nationalized in 1959 and continued to produce various kinds of clothes for domestic and export. After equitization and becoming a part of Haprosimex, the factory was awarded the title Hero of Labor. 10 years later, the factory went bankrupt due to the corruption and the negligence of its chairman.


Name: Cu Doanh Knitting Workshop/ HAPROSIMEX Thang Long

Location: 44-46 Hang Quat street, Ha Noi/ Km 12, Road 32, Phúc Diễn ward, North Từ Liêm District, Ha Noi

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