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the modern dream of Recent past


Yum yum quarter




Team member:

Maria Svetovidova (Team leader)
Semyon Egorov, Ksenia Egorova

From TIArch Studio at Kazan State university of Architecture and Engineering, tutored by Ilnar and Rezeda Akhtiamovs.



2018:  HYP CUP – “2048 Tower” – 3rd place 
           (I.Chikhireva, D. Kalimullina, D.Nikolaeva, M. Svetovidova) 
2019:  Pet Shelter in Russia - 3rd place
           (M. Svetovidova,  A.Gilfanov, E.Khaziakhmetova) 
2019:  Q-CITY Market – “Living room of the city” – honorable mention (M. Svetovidova, A. Sadrtdinova) 
2021:  Sejong High School – “Out of the box” – 4th place
           (M. Svetovidova, A.Zaidullin)



1. Why did you choose this site and what issue do you see here?

We have chosen Hommel brewery because of its size and shape. It is a city quarter with inner streets, which can make this area permeable. Also, it has a fascinating architectural vocabulary: from small-scale houses on the contour to large, wide-span constructions of the brewery, steel reservoirs, and old French villas. The combination of two scales and the ability to work on both the master plan and architecture would allow us to present a more full-fledged solution.

2. How do you define utopia?

In the scope of this competition, utopia is an idea of space that people aimed at creating some time ago. As for architectural utopias, they usually stand for the particular image of how the space would live, and how people and nature interact with the built environment. Having learned about the history of the place, we suggested continuing the dream that the people who created the factory may have had. We aimed at creating a bright, lively area where people would connect, involve with the local culture, and have a good time.

3. Are you experienced in handling this issue? Tell us more about your source of inspiration.

We have discussed the refurbishment of industrial urban areas while working on large-scale masterplans during our study projects. Also, we have elaborated some projects for competitions in industrial zones, mostly with architectural implementations. 
Some reference projects that were inspirational for us: 
1) Fenix Food Factory in Rotterdam, The Netherlands – a multifunctional complex on a former storage/ production building 
2) Arena de Morro – Herzog&deMeuron project in Natal, Brazil – an educational and cultural centre within a large masterplan concept

1_inspo_vietnamese bar streets.jpg

Vietnamese bar streets


Fenix Food Factory in Rotterdam, The Netherlands

inspo_arena do morro.jpg

Arena de Morro – Herzog & deMeuron project in Natal, Brazil

- End -

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